Organic cocooning box

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Organic Cocooning Set – face and body

The Organic Cocooning Sensation box is ideal for your beauty routine, it will awaken your senses and invite you to travel.

This delightful box contains the “Nuage de Chantilly”, a whipped cream with an airy, melting texture, the “Perle Lactée”, a shea seed scrub/mask and “Flamme Satinée”, a massage candle with a bewitching scent.

Made with natural ingredients and inspired by beauty rituals. It’s the perfect combo for all women who want to pamper their skin naturally.

With Kanité, plunge into a world of amazing sensations and escape for a moment of cocooning with the “Perle Lactée” mask/exfoliator, then take a sensual ballad with our “Flamme satinée” massage candle without forgetting your stopover in the air with the “Nuage de Chantilly” whipped cream.

eco certifié cosmos organic
slow cosmétique
cruelty free and vegan
made in france
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This cocooning set contains:

  • Chantilly Cream Cloud “Nuage de Chantilly” – Whipped Cream Face and Body – 100ml

Technological wonder at 99.2% natural, the “Nuage de Chantilly” whipped cream will surprise you with its texture: airy and smooth, it will delight your senses and flood your skin with well-being.

Thanks to its synergy of natural active ingredients, this delicate and sweet care will bring sparkling, hydration and balance to your skin.

As a mattifying makeup base, sebum regulator, after sun care, anti-wrinkle care, against stretch marks and dry areas, this whipped cream creates a perfect alliance between pleasure and effectiveness.


  • Milky Pearl Mask “Perle Lactée” – Cocooning Face and Body Scrub – 200 ml

At 99.2% natural, this is the essential scrub for soft, satiny skin. This 3 in 1 face and body scrub is designed to maintain your complexion and detoxify your skin.

Thanks to its synergy of precious ingredients, the formula combines the nourishing, protective and purifying virtues with the exfoliating powers of shea seeds.

With its creamy and delightful texture, the action of the seeds is softened while remaining effective.

For the face, as a mask or as a body scrub, it prepares the skin for tanning before the summer or prolongs its effects at the start of the school year, while also getting rid of ingrown hairs.

  • “Flamme Satinée” – Massage Candle
    Body – 75 ml

A moment of voluptuousness with “Flamme Satinée” candle!
When lit, this candle transforms into a silky oil that deeply nourishes the skin and leaves a satin finish.
Its melting texture, gentle warmth and delicate aroma with notes of honeyed almond will awaken all your senses.

Envelop your skin in well-being!

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