foot massage

Foot massage : unveiling the secret of the Chinese!

In the East, the foot symbolizes the earth and has a spiritual aura. To touch it is to reach the soul of a person. Reflexology is based on the principle that the whole organism is projected as a reflection on the hands, ears and feet.
Each organ is therefore represented by a specific point called a eflex Zone, located on the arch of the foot.
Taking care of the feet will magically relax the facial features, and the whole body will often become more relaxed and serene.


For the massage, mix sesame oil with 1/2 chopped onion and 5 diced ginger. After a good hour of maceration. Make concentric movements on the soles of the feet and under the toes to rebalance the little fat pads that keep us balanced. Massage each toe separately. Squeeze them, move up and down and pull in line. Then apply sustained pressure points on the different reflex zones, moving progressively towards the heel.
Rotate the ankles in all directions, making 10 pointing and reflecting movements to get the blood flowing.
To finish, soak your feet in flower water:
In a basin, pour 1l of water and add 5 drops of essential oil of mandarin, 1 handful of fresh flower and 2 tablespoons of rice powder.