pebble cairn


Buried for centuries, rocks have been charged with positive or negative energy. Rooted in native american culture, shamans and healers use it to restore power in the body. The Indian women include it in the protocols of massage to relieve curvature, tiredness, osteoarthritis, pregnancy …


Ingrédients : huile relaxante pour le corps, 2 galets plates lisse de taille d’une main, 3 galets grand comme une paume , 8 pierre pas plus grosse qu’une pièce de 2m, 2 grands draps de bain.
Faites bouillir une grande quantité d’eau et placez tous vos galets dans une passoire afin qu’ils chauffent par la vapeur.
Les pierres doivent atteindre environ 50° avant d’être utilisées.

Preparation: Place a mattress on the floor and cover it with a bath sheet.
Coat yourself with oil from head to toe to facilitate the sliding movements necessary for the massage.
Place the small stones between your toes, lie down and place the 3 medium pebbles in a straight line on your belly starting from the solar plexus, the strategic point of relaxation. Take the 2 big pebbles in your hands, and lie down with your arms along your body. Cover yourself with a towel. Rest like this until the pebbles have completely cooled down.
Now proceed to the massage. Heat the 2 largest stones and one in each hand, hold your foot in a “sandwich”. With a light pressure, slide the stones on the whole length. This gesture accomplished 3 times, place the pebbles on the ankles and make circular movements. Continue with long glides and small pressures from calves to thighs. Alternate between using the flat of the pebble and its edge when you want to insist on painful areas.