bunches of grapes


Polyphenols in grape seed cuticle promote collagen and elastin production, while fighting free radicals, the great responsible of skin aging. Ten thousand times more active than vitamin E, they emerge skin into a beneficial, youthful world!


With a few bunches of black grapes, carefully peeled but not de-seeded,
Guérande Salt,
150ml Honey,
50ml Grape Seed Oil,
20 drops of Sweet Peppermint, Pine and Lemon essential oils
3 or 4 doses of your favorite milk to give smoothness,
Scrub the entire body in small circular motions. Insist on the rough areas.
Reinvigorated, all you have to do is massage the entire body with the remaining grape seed oil.
The skin is perfectly exfoliated and nourished, it regains its elasticity.