edelwiss flower
edelwiss flower

Edelweiss: revealing the secret of the French!

In homage to the purity of the mountains that dominate it, “Edelweiss” has small, pure white petals. From the German Edel – Noble – and Weiss – Pure White – this Mountain Flower has a self-defense system that makes it able to withstand both hot rays and freezing temperatures. Rich in minerals, mucilage and flavonoids, its flowers and leaves hold a choice place in cosmetics. Integrated in the care for its moisturizing, softening and antiradical properties, the eldelweiss becomes, in decoction, a tonic for the face.


Place a large handful of fresh flowers and leaves in a pot of boiling water. Turn off the heat, let cool and strain. Store the lotion in an opaque glass bottle and use it in the morning and evening to complete your make-up removal.

huile essentiel d'edelwiss