Chinese women on boats filled with flowers

Natural body perfume : unveiling the secret of chinese women!

Back in the days of the Concubines, women used to seduce with the natural scent of their bodies.
To give it a delicate fragrance, they chewed on their breakfast roots, flowers, and specific non-toxic smelling herbs.


To follow the principle of Taoism, they repeated this operation, according to a small ritual: for five days to perfume the breath, ten days the body, twenty-eight days – the duration of the female menstrual cycle – the clothes and blankets in contact with the skin. At this stage, they exhaled a particular sweetness. The perfume trapped in the pores of the skin, slowly released its narcotic flavor to better hypnotize those around.
You can perfume yourself “from within” by absorbing, without risk, a little star anise powder or cloves. Unless you prefer to treat yourself to a lotus flower or candied ginger.