shea seeds and butter
shea seeds and butter

Noble Shea Butter, The Beauty Secret of Malian Women

Shea butter contains phytosterols which promote cell renewal and skin softening.
It can be used daily as a body moisturizer.


Mix one large pure shea nut
1 Piece of amber
3 Cloves
2 Very fragrant rosebuds.
Apply the preparation on the body starting with the legs.

application de la crème de karité sur la peau

Effectuez Des Mouvements De Glisse Ample Des Chevilles Aux Aines. Massez Plus En Profondeur Les Mollets Et Les Do wide movements from ankles to groins. Massage calves and thighs more deeply for 2 or 3 minutes to relax muscles.
On the belly, clockwise circular movements relax abdominal muscles and promote bowel movement.
For the arms, start with simple strokes from the wrist to the shoulder. Then, with a gentle squeeze, encircle a biceps with the fingers of the opposite hand and slide them to the fingertips.