Me bearded : my survival kit

In addition to pamper your beard with specific rituals, you must take care of it throughout the day:

Avoiding it to get dirty, dry and face many enemies: crumbs, wind, cold, drinking without wetting your beard and mustache… Not everything is rosy in the daily life of the bearded guy!

This is why, when he leaves home, the pro bearded man must prepare a survival kit!

Shaving soap

The beard can be a real nest of dirt (food remains..) and unpleasant odors (tobacco). It is therefore essential to wash and moisturize it daily for its own good and the good of the skin.

Beard balm

Beard balms moisturize the facial hair while perfuming it. Some have particular properties, promotes growth, makes the beard more soft, fixes the rebellious hair …


To even out your mustache at any time.


To detangle its beard.


There are all kinds: depending on the type of the beard or the mustaches, etc.

The brush allows smoothing the beard, it is the essential instrument to put beards and mustaches in shape.


To go for a drink with your friends without wetting your beautiful beard 😉