A dense beard, without rebellious hair ?!

One thing is for sure: having a beard is not only a matter of choice, it is also a matter of genetics. If it doesn’t grow, you can’t have one. If that’s the case, we’re really sorry, but the next part won’t interest you.

For everyone else, those who have a beard but want to know how to make it denser and more attractive, here are 4 points to facilitate its growth.


If there’s one word you should repeat to yourself like a mantra as your beard grows, it’s PATIENCE.

Choose the kind of beard you want and give it time to grow. Nothing is immediate on this earth.

If you are tempted by a short beard (especially if you work in a company where bushy beards are not recommended), 2 or 3 weeks should be enough. If you want a long, dense beard, wait about 3 months before trimming the ends and giving it the shape you want.


If you are not used to wear a beard, you may be irritated and peel a little from the 2nd week of growth. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal, because the skin dries out a lot and the hair grows. Here are some tips to help you handle it better:

At the beginning, your beard is not very long and it is not necessary to wash it with specific products, but avoid applying shampoo, because they often contain chemical components that can cause irritation.

Moisturize the dry area with natural products such as oils or beard balm. If you choose other products, make sure they do not contain alcohol, which dries out the skin even more and can burn it.

Come on, be brave ! It will soon be over 😉

Shaving area

Once this irritation and itching phase over, the beard often looks neglected and unkempt: it’s time to pamper it. Start by shaving off the isolated hairs that grows below the neck line, on the cheeks and above the mustache. Be careful, you don’t need to trim much. It should also be noted that the idea that the more you shave, the faster and denser your beard will grow is just an urban legend.

How to shave

Some people choose to shave from under the chin, but the result is not natural. The ideal is to shave at the base of the neck where the face ends. You can use a classic manual razor, an electric razor, the laser-guided trimmer or go to your barber to be shaved with a knife. For the mustache, cut the hairs that protrude from the upper lip with scissors. For the cheeks, be careful not to shave the natural beard line, removing only the few persistent hairs.