My beard balm: why, when and how to apply it?

The beard balm is a mix of different oils that help to keep the beard healthy and soft. It contains wax to help fix rebellious hairs.

It is used to nourish and moisturize the skin and hair for a perfect beard.

Why apply a beard balm

  1. Moisturizes: With its dual action, the balm is an essential product for all bearded men. In addition to moisturizing the beard and making it easier to shape, it also moisturizes the skin. Beard growth tends to dry out the skin, causing it to peel and itch. It is thus very important to.

  2. Eliminates dandruff, prevents split ends and hair loss: Wearing a beard can lead to some “unpleasant” situations. The first is the appearance of dandruff, because the skin peels, the second is the presence of split ends and the third is the fall of hair that is too weak.

  3.  The beard balm helps to overcome these three problems, because it moisturizes and strengthens the hair. In addition, its texture facilitates the shaping of the beard and helps to tame rebellious hairs.

When to apply my beard balm

The ideal time is undoubtedly when the pores are open and ready, for example after a shower or after washing the face.

Remember: To have a healthy beard, it is necessary to moisturize it.

If your beard is dry and rough, we highly recommend using a balm every day, after a thorough cleaning.

For everyone else, it’s not essential to apply a balm daily, but we highly recommend it. It will look beautiful, stronger and healthier.

How to apply my beard balm

It’s really quite simple. And don’t let us think it leaves your skin all greasy and oily, or that it makes you glow like a street lamp, or that it makes you feel like you’re in a freestyle wrestling match.

  1. Take a small amount of your beard balm

  2. Rub your hands together to soak them in the oil. Its fragrance develops under the heat.

  3. Massage your beard and skin with your hands, working your way through all the beard. If your beard is very long and thick, start with your chin and make sure the balm penetrates all the way to the hair underneath.

  4. Shape your beard with your hands or a special brush. And there you go, it’s clean, tidy and fragrant!