A nice beard?
Did you say "itch free"?

So you thought all you had to do to have a beautiful beard was to let it grow? You’re way off base, my friend!

Growing a beard is not just about letting your face be invaded by a bunch of hairs. To have a healthy beard, you need to do things that will help it grow stronger and prettier.

4 simple steps to take care of
your precious beard every day

The cleaning

Here’s a new step to introduce into your daily bathroom routine.
You’ll need a beard soap, ideally a natural one. It will clean your beard and the skin underneath.
It’s very simple: in the shower, after washing as usual, put a little soap in your hands and massage your beard carefully. We advise you to do this step after washing your body and face, because the warm water will open your pores and the soap will be more effective. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

The drying

Don’t wipe your beard down by rubbing it like a madman with your towel. Gently dab it on your beard to remove as much moisture as possible. For bushy beards, continue to blow dry with a hair dryer but without drying it completely.

Then gently brush your beard to remove knots and detangle it.


Once your beard is almost dry and detangled, moisturize it with a beard balm. Place a small amount in one hand and gently massage it into your beard.


After applying the moisturizer, you can brush your beard again (but not too much, to avoid creating split ends). You are now ready to conquer the world!